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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to order online?
Yes, online ordering ensures that we capture all the information we need (pick-up date & location, dorm room #, fall dorm, etc)

Online orders dates: April 17 - May 26 @ 5pm.
Need more help? Come to our Table Hours (see above or times/ location) & we'll answer questions and give you moving labels.

Many parents help their students with move out at the end of the year. Please be sure to have the following information for Full Service Summer Storage before you order:
  1. Your student's name/ Princeton email/ spring pick-up hall and room # (NOT their Frist mailbox address)
  2. Your student's fall hall and room # (NOT their Frist mailbox address)
  3. Their fall designation (Are they an RCA? An OA or CA leader? Neither?)
  4. The Pick-up date/time (Sorry - we cannot give a more specific window of time than "am" or "pm")

What's the difference between Economy Box Storage (EBS) and Full Service Storage?
EBS is a lower cost storage option for boxes only. You bring and pick up your boxes at our campus locations on set dates. We offer only a limited number of drop off and pick up dates and locations. Use this service to save money and plan ahead. For your other items - use Full Service Storage.

For Full Service - we come to your room in the spring (we offer 18 date/time options) to pick up your items - you need to be in your room. In the Fall, we will deliver to your room - you do NOT need to be there. It will be in by or before the University move in day - Sept 9th.

For Economy Box Storage - does the $17/box include the price of the box?

Yes, it covers the cost of the box and storage for the entire summer. The price also includes insurance that covers up to $100 per box. After you sign up online, you can pick up your empty boxes and labels at our Frist Table Hours (see Table Hours above).

Full Service Storage Questions
How late can I order a pick-up for Full Service Storage?
Because all our workers are Princeton students, for scheduling purposes we need to receive orders at the latest by 5:00pm the day prior to pick up. Last day to order: Friday, May 26 - 5pm (online).

Pick up times for Full Service Storage
Because of the # of customers on a given day and unforeseen complications (ex. more items than originally ordered, locked out of rooms), we cannot guarantee a specific time. Please build in padding for delays - especially the last 3 days of pick ups! Example, if you are leaving at 11am Monday for the airport, select Sunday PM for pick up instead of Monday AM - and pack accordingly.

What do I do if I don't know exactly how much I want to store?
Give your best estimate in your online order. Pack your belongings & get labels for everything at Table Hours (see above). We will compare your actual items stored to your order - if you overestimated your storage, we will refund the difference to your credit card. If you underestimated, we will send you an invoice (to the email on the order) for the remaining amount. Please pay upon receipt.

Do I have to be in my dorm room for Spring pick-up?
Yes! We don't have keys to open your room. It delays everyone if we have to contact Building Services to get into your room & you'll be charged a lock out fee!

Do I have to be in my room for Fall delivery?
No! In the fall, your items will be in your room by University Move-in day if not sooner. You do not have to be there.
This does not apply to EBS, Bike or Short-term Storage.

Can I get an earlier delivery date in the Fall than Fri, September 9th (University Move-in Day)?
We offer earlier delivery for RCAs,CA & OA leaders only - who are required to be on campus early. Their items are stored separately from the rest of the students. For all others, we cannot guarantee an earlier date than the University Move-in day. Many orders will already be in their Fall Dorm rooms before then - but we can not determine in advance whose will be delivered and when. Please plan and pack accordingly.

Does the cost per item reflect storage for the entire summer or per month?
Storage prices are for the entire summer. For Full Service storage, it also includes pick up, drop off, and insurance (covers up to $150 per item) of items.

The M&S label ensures that we have the information we need to get every item to the right place in the spring. For suitcases, mattresses and sofas - ask for fabric labels.
Pick up M&S labels at Table Hours (see above) in Frist, 100 level across from Cafe Vivian.

How do I contact a student director?
Email us at: movestor@princeton.edu
Because M&S is comprised of all students, we are constantly on the move. Email is the quickest way to reach us.
During Spring Move-out we are available by phone during business hours: 609-258-4332.