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Economy Box Storage ONLY $17
(formerly "Box Storage Initiative")
Please order Economy Box Storage separately from other M&S Storage orders.

Our low cost option for summer storage! $17 per box
We provide the boxes and labels (at our Frist table hours). You pack, drop off & pick up.

This year - conveniently offering more locations!
Spring Box Drop-offs:
Two locations - Butler & Dillon Lot
Last name, A-M, May 23 (10am-2pm)
Last name, N-Z, May 24 (10am-2pm)
Fall Box Pick-ups: Two locations - Butler & Dillon Lot
Last name, N-Z, Sept 11 (2-6pm)
Last name, A-M, Sept 12 (2-6pm)
**Note: If you are a grad student looking to utilize EBS please email: movestor@princeton.edu)**

EBS is box-only storage with limited service dates. To store other items, see Full Service Storage.

All orders from this store are subject to terms and conditions of the M&S Customer Agreement.