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Frequently Asked Questions


General Inquiries:

Do I have to order online?

Yes, online ordering ensures that we capture all the information we need (pick-up date and location, fall and spring dorm hall and room number). Ordering begins Friday, March 8, 2019 and will continue until 5PM on May 23rd, 2019. If you have two spring pick up locations or dates, please fill out two forms.

What types of payment do you accept?

You may apply our services to your Student Account bill, pay by credit card (MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Discover), or by check. Please note we do not accept cash. If paying by check, please make payable to "Moving & Storage Agency," and put your order ID# in the memo line. Checks should be brought to the agency's table hours (May 13-23 from 11-4pm at Frist Campus Center, or May 22-23 from 11am-4pm at Dillon Gym Library) or the PSA Office at 48 University Place, Suite 003 (Ground Level).

How should I label my items?

All items should be labeled using the M&S labels. All information should be written clearly directly on the label, which can be obtained at Frist table hours or Dillon Gym Library, or typed into the PDF document and printed. Labels should be affixed to each item and completely covered with clear packing tape. Without a M&S label, there is no guarantee that items can be returned to their rightful owners.

How do I get my labels?

Labels can be downloaded here. See above question, "How should I label my items?", for instructions on application of the labels.

Full Service Storage Storage Inquiries:

What is included in the full service cost?

Full Service Storage covers the cost of storage for the entire summer (a one-time charge; no monthly fees). The cost also includes the transportation of items between our storage location and your spring and fall dorm rooms. Boxes, tape, and other packing supplies are not included, but can be purchased here. Insurance of up to $150 per item is included; please see Section 3 of the Customer Service Agreement for further detail.

How late can I order a pick-up for Full Service Storage?

The last day to order a pick-up for Full Service Storage is May 23rd, 2019 before 5 PM. The last day of pick-up is May 25th, 2019 (AM only).

Can I designate a specific time for pick up?

No. Due to the number of customers on a given day and unforeseen complications (ex. more items than originally ordered, items not properly packed), we cannot guarantee a specific time. Please factor in time for delays - especially during the busiest time -- the last 3 days of pick-up (May 22nd - May 25th, 2019). For example, if you are leaving for the airport at 11AM on Monday, select Sunday (12PM-3PM) for pick up instead of Monday (9AM-12PM) - and pack accordingly. Pick up dates for 2019 are May 16th - May 25th.

What do I do if I don't know exactly how much I want to store?

Give your best estimate in your online order. Be sure to put the correct labels on everything while packing. We will compare your actual items stored to what is listed in your online order. If you've overestimated your storage, we will refund you the difference. If you've underestimated, we will send you an invoice (to the email on the order) for the remaining amount, and charge it to the payment method used to make the original order.

Do I have to be in my dorm room for spring pick-up?

Undergraduate students in University Housing do not have to be in their room during spring pick-up. It is encouraged, however, that students are in the room at the time of pick-up to ensure accuracy. Students living in Graduate Housing must be in their room at pick-up. Please see Section 9c of the Customer Agreement for further detail.

Do I have to be in my dorm room for fall drop-off?

No, you do not have to be present for fall drop-off. We will deliver your items on or before the University's official move-in date. This does not apply to EBS, Bike or Short-term Storage. See section 10 of the Customer Agreement for further detail.

Can I choose an earlier delivery date in the fall than the official University move-in day?

Earlier delivery in the fall is only available to Residential College Advisors (RCAs) and orientation leaders, who are required to be on campus early. RCA and orientation leaders' items will be stored separately. For all others, we cannot offer an earlier date than the official University move-in day. Please plan and pack accordingly.

What if I want to store an items that is not listed?

Items not listed can be stored and will be priced appropriately at the student director's discretion. We do not offer storage for mirrors and electronic items that are not in boxes. Please see Section 14 of the Customer Agreement for further detail, or contact us at movestor@princeton.edu with inquiries.

Economy Box Storage (EBS) Inquiries:

What is included in the EBS cost?

The EBS cost covers the cost of boxes and storage for the entire summer (not monthly). Boxes can be picked up at Frist Campus Center during table hours (May 13th - 23rd, 11AM-4PM) or at Dillon Gym Library (May 22-23, 11AM-4PM). Packing services, transport of boxes to and from the designated locations, and packing materials (other than boxes) are not provided. Materials such as tape can be purchased here. Insurance of $100 per box is included; please see Section 3 of the Customer Service Agreement for further detail.

When can I pick up my boxes?

EBS pick up will be on Monday, September 9th, 2019 (11AM-4PM). In the case of inclement weather, pick up will be available the following day. There is an additional fee charged should EBS customers not retrieve their property by this date. Please see Sections 12a and 13 of the Customer Service Agreement for further detail.

Will EBS boxes be delivered to my dorm?

No, EBS boxes must be picked up from the location chosen by the customer at the time of purchase. Please refer to "When can I pick up my boxes?" above for further detail.

Do I have to drop-off my boxes in the spring and pick-up my boxes in the fall at the same location?

No, the drop off and pick up locations do not have to be the same. You can drop off your box at any of the four campus locations on May 17th or May 23rd. Just be sure to use the label that corresponds with your preferred pick up location selected at checkout; labels can be downloaded here.

What is the size of the box?

The box dimensions are 18.1" x 18" x 16" (W x L x H). The max weight is 50 lbs. Overweight boxes and and improperly prepared items are subject to additional fees: please see Section 9 of the M&S Customer Service Agreement for further detail.