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Storage Boxes
Storage Boxes
Our Price: $55.00

Product Code: MSS3

Includes Box:

Container Contents*:

40-60lbs (+$25) [Add $25.00]
60+lbs (+$25 & NO INSURANCE) [Add $25.00]


-Box is not included in the Full Service Storage option.
-If you would like to order a box through Moving & Storage, please purchase here: https://www.studentagenciesms.net/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=MS-carton
-Any box weighing greater than 40 pounds will be subject to a $25 fee. Additionally, boxes weighing greater than 60 pounds will not be eligible for our insurance policy.
(-If you are not sure of your box's weight, please enter your best estimate.)

IMPORTANT NOTE: Moving & Storage does not guarantee insurance for the contents of boxes that are not properly sealed and/or have items falling out.

Additional notes:

-REMEMBER TO LABEL EACH ITEM INDIVIDUALLY(Moving & Storage is not liable for unlabeled or improperly labeled items)

-Moving & Storage does not guarantee insurance for the items and contents of items that are not properly sealed and/or have items falling out.

-Moving & Storage does NOT provide insurance for electronics.

-Moving & Storage reserves the right to reclassify items that are improperly classified by the customer or not explicitly listed on our website. This may result in additional charges.

-If you want to store an item not explicitly listed by Moving and Storage please contact us at [email protected] with an image and description of the item including an approximate weight to see if we can accommodate your request.

-An additional fee of $50 applies for each graduate student, and $100 for each off-campus student. If you are an off-campus student, please email us at [email protected] to schedule a pick-up and drop-off time.

-If you are planning on studying abroad or taking a leave of absence during the fall semester you will be subject to a 50% upcharge per item.

- Make sure that if you are an RCA, orientation leader, or fall-sport athlete that you indicate as such on your label Please refer to our customer agreement and FAQ page for additional information.